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Micro-Lite: The next generation Fiber Optic Light source. More light, less heat!

FL3000: cool, solid-state design with 45% more light; internal IR filter; dual point illuminator; silent fan is quiet and vibration free; easy-to-use color filters. (FL3000a shows annular light guide; FL3000d shows dual point illuminator with two focusable lenses.)

microscope accessories, microscope supplies

microscope accessories, microscope supplies

FL1000: instant start; dimmable intensity; high-frequency electronic ballast; eye-easing phosphor; fits lenses up to 2.35 inches OD; even illumination; MIL STD 2000A certified for shadowless lighting; CCD camera applications

microscope accessories, microscope supplies


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Replacement Lenses
Lens Cleaner
Lens Tissue
Tweezers and Forceps
Microscope Covers
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Calibration Standards
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