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Digital Microscopy Cameras from PixeLINK

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PixeLINK, digital camera

PL-E400 series PixelLink CamerasWe offer all digital microscopy camera kits from PixeLink including the new PL-E400 CMOS USB 2.0 cameras (top, at right). That includes the latest kits in the PL-B600 CMOS (middle, right) & PL-B800 CCD series of digital cameras for microscopy (with either USB or Firewire interfaces).
  PixeLINK products will provide you with the most value for your high-quality science applications. These cameras and software are tailored to high-productivity image acquisition applications where PL-B600 series PixelLink Camerasconsistent quality and performance is expected and is an effective solution to any laboratory.
¬†¬†PixeLink's advantage comes from reducing overall system complexity and cost. It has embraced standard computer interface technologies including FireWire and USB, and provides drivers and software on the host computer that effectively eliminate the need for a frame-grabber PL-B800 series PixelLink Cameras while enabling advanced camera functionality. PixeLINK µScope Microscopy Software is included with each camera kit. This is a real-time, interactive application designed specifically for microscopy to capture, save, annotate and measure still images.


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